I'm a writer, editor, and audio producer.


From emails and flyers to blogs and magazines, I've been editing professionally for more than 5 years. My work started at The City College of New York, which led me to The Metropolitan Museum

of Art and then Bitch Media. I've edited countless blog posts,

online articles, and 7 full 80- and 88-page magazines, which I

oversaw from ideation through production and into web publishing. 

Developmental editing, copyediting, and fact-checking are my specialty.

Since learning how to produce podcasts in 2017, audio editing has quickly become one of my greatest passions. I've worked with hosts to conceive, vet, record, and edit various themes and ideas for a year's worth of 30–60 minute podcast episodes. In that time, I also built an in-house recording studio for Bitch Media and was a guest on an OPB-produced podcast.


My love for the English language began with writing at the tender age of 7, when I'd spend all my time journaling and asking people to be part of my magazine. Recently, my writing has been featured in Bitch Media (online and in print), On She Goes, and Broccoli magazine.

We need to start work with the idea that we’re going to learn every day.

Chanda Kochhar


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