Since learning how to produce podcasts in 2017, audio editing has quickly become one of my greatest passions. I've worked with hosts to conceive, vet, and edit various themes and ideas for a year's worth of 30–60 minute podcast episodes, which I recorded and produced. In that time, I also built an in-house recording studio for Bitch Media and was a guest on an OPB-produced podcast.


One of my favorite Popaganda episodes to work on was both my first episode producing the show and Soleil Ho's first episode as host. I produced this episode entirely on my own, working with Ho on the script, flow of the episode, interview clips, music, and other bits and pieces. There was a huge learning curve for both of us on our first episode together, and I think we put together something really magical on a topic that's important not only to all organizing spaces but to anyone trying to make a change in the world: empathy.

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